A NASDAQ listed company (PBTS), Powerbridge is a provider of software application and technology solutions and services to corporate and government customers primarily located in China. The Company introduced global trade software applications following the launch of operations in 1997 with a vision to make global trade operations easier. Since inception, Powerbridge has continued to innovate by developing technologies for successful delivery of a series of solutions and services that address the evolving and changing needs of corporate and government customers. Powerbridge's mission is to make global trade easier by empowering all players in the ecosystem.


PBTS Presentation LD Micro June 2019 FINAL

9th Annual LD Micro Invitational in Los Angeles, CA, June 4th, 2019

Latest News

Powerbridge Technologies States No Negative Effect from Ongoing U.S.-China Trade War

Powerbridge Technologies Reports Financial Results and Business Update for the Six Months Ended June 30, 2019

Powerbridge Technologies Demonstrated its Powerbridge Smart Port Platform with Strategic Partner Huawei at The Smart China Expo 2019

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